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11.12 - Carnival Magic

Film : Carnival Magic
Episode : 209 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 005

Film Synopsis : Carnival psychic and his talking Chimp kill time with mild hijinks for about sixty minutes, before some slight peril is injected by his rival trying to sell the chimp to a vivisectionist. Makes The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Decided to Stop Living and Become Mixed-Up Zombies look like Double Indemnity.

Series and Episode Thoughts : There's no getting around it, it's a weak episode. Plus the movie's hard to look at - it looks like the filmmaker adjusted the visual playback speed slightly in some scenes to slow the thing down to hit feature length. Also getting tired of nearly every prop in the show being a woodcut.

Important Stuff : Mark Freakin' Hamill guest-stars in host segment #4. Segment #5 has a cameo by a purple-jumpsuited Kickstarter backer, taking Jonah's place on a monitor for a few moments. And Kinga proposes.

HS 1 : Servo gives a Tom Talk - features a Bubble Edit.

Invention Exchange : Kinga pitches her marriage idea. We get the Yeasta Pet from Jonah and the Bots, and Flavor Sweat drinks from Max and Kinga.

HS 2 : Servo plays a carnival pitchman and Crow plays Alex the chimp, as they mock the mundanity of Alex's dialogue.

HS 3 : Tom and Crow exchange colorful police slang.

HS 4 : Mark Hamill as P.T. Mindslap, proprietor of the Great Space Circus Show. There's a song, but it's kind of a weak one.

HS 5 : A parade of woodcuts based on the movie, as Kinga and Max narrate. What is with the freakin' woodcuts, anyway?

Memorable Riffs :
There's a good running gag of the crew responding 'Polov!' every time a character in the movie calls for Markov.

Crow : "This guy is the lowest-rent Bond villain I've ever seen."

Jonah (as Markov) : "They never found the talking chimp who did it."

Jonah : "Paramount Pictures presents : Every Which Way But Why?"

Crow : "Rainn Wilson as Sergeant Mark David Chapman."

Tom : "What does it say about someone when they're wearing less clothing than their chimp?"

Crow : "I've seen mannequins have livelier conversations than this."

Jonah : "Watch out for snakes." (Callback)

Crow : "Hey, did you guys realize this thing takes place at a carnival?"

Tom : "Mongo only pawn in game of life."

Crow : "I wonder if the clairvoyant, talking chimp will figure out a way past the bored nurse?"

Tom : "Law and Order : Carnival Crimes Unit."
Crow : "Dun-dun."

There's an extended series of riffs at the credits where Tom and Crow muse about the Carnival Magic franchise, building an entire fictitious filmography for the producer that's pretty funny.

Kickstarter Backers : Up to Tassie Drageskogen.

Stinger : The Sheriff is towed away atop his cruiser.