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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Now that could be the next layer of the question. Given how many wheel spins there have bin in the show's history, what was the probability that 5 dollar-totaling spins in a row would have occurred at some point during the show's run.
There have been ~10,000 episodes, with 2 Big Wheel segments each, since the current format began in 1972.

So, that's around 20k chances for all three initial spins to hit the dollar. This has happened a dozen or so times. Which fits with my quick back of the envelope calculation as to how often that would happen.

Since 5-dollar-space rounds are necessarily a relatively rare subset of the 3-dollar-space starters, and we're excluding ones where the first or second contestant is the one who misses the second dollar, we're a rather long way from the point where the number of trials multiplied by the probability of it happening approaches 1.

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