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There was some discussion in this thread of whether SamuelA was likely to dial back his juvenile pomposity or continue to be a jerk and a pretentious laughingstock who was wrong about practically everything. Now we have the answer.

And that answer is: he's chosen to dial up the level of pretentious jerkness and take it to previously unimagined new heights. He got into an altercation with Stranger On A Train in this thread where the fucking douchebag's lack of knowledge gets him on the wrong side of the argument and smacked down for it, to which the ignorant fuck reacts with renewed arrogant pomposity: "I dismiss it cavalierly because I know what I'm talking about." Then he starts a whole new thread in GQ for the sole purpose of advertising the claim that he's right (he isn't) and that Stranger is wrong (he isn't).

The basis of his claim is the usual SamuelA douchebaggery. He thinks he understands something based on some simplistic idea he picked up in high school or thought up himself, so he's going to "prove" that Stranger -- who I understand works on rocket design for a living and has worked on studies of asteroid deflection -- doesn't understand how momentum works, but he, SamuelA, is going to set him straight, just like he sets everyone else straight, lifting them out of their poor abject ignorance when they disagree with him.

So he's now gone one better than the idea of threadshitting. SamuelA has invented the concept of forum-shitting, where he deposits his self-serving and incorrect bullshit like a giant steaming turd in the middle of GQ in order to prove how smart he is. Here's how he's doing so far:

- List of those who state that SamuelA is full of shit: Everyone. Including knowledgeable posters like Stranger On A Train and Francis Vaughan.

- List of those who agree with SamuelA: No one.

But he's still at it, apparently oblivious to making a complete ass of himself. This is actually now a kind of pathology, more than just a bloviating pompous jerk, this is more a symptom of someone afflicted by a genuinely diagnosable mental illness: a grossly distorted view of reality amplified by delusions of grandeur about his understanding of it.

I did previously address this in my humble understated way in the Omnibus thread where I made the case that SamuelA was a pompous ignorant douchebag, but Tripler pulled no punches in his masterful assessment of SamuelA that bears repeating:
I think you are a goddamned bloviated moron that speaks more out of an anal sphincter than any other orifice. I have argued with you on the points, but you deflected. I think you're so illiterate out of laziness. You, Sir, are the laziest bastard I have ever met.

You are a goddamned dogbreathed mother-(bless her soul for dealing with you)-loving fucktard. You make claims, provide a metric asston of bullshit, and provide absolutely zero proof. You grandstand from a position of opinion and not fact, and contribute nothing but wasted electrons to every online discussion you participate in.

I hadn't call you out as a troll in other threads because I could not determine if: A) you were just a fucking moron, and/or B) there was malice behind your opinions/posts for motive. I am now convinced you are a malicious, fucking moron (both A and B for your math, simplified for you).