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They’re going to want to think about getting a new statue...

The New Colossus (v. 45)

Not like that massive woman facing East
With long green robes that reach down to her toes
(Too bad that she should have so many clothes;
You’d think she’d show a little thigh, at least)
But I digress - protect us from the beast,
The mule, the raping, thieving, killing horde,
Who, from his shit-hole country tries to board
Our great White ship that bears us to our feast.

Hold back the so-called “refugees” out there.
Send me your oligarchs, flush with success
Whose deals with me are always more than fair,
Who buy my real estate without much stress.
While Fox and Friends all praise me on the air,
We’ll show my base that they can do with less.

Maybe something in gold...

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