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I can't believe nobody's said it; it's so obvious.

Mod for a Day ($99.99 USD)
Got scores to settle? Have you always known you know it all? Aching to slip into a luxuriant pair of jackboots still fragrant with aerosol disinfectant? Today is literally your day. For 24 hours, you can edit posts, note and warn to your steely heart's delight. Blow the whistle! Clear your throat! Ignore threads entirely! It's your special day, princess (or prince/non-binary royal rank). Don't be a dupe, join the loop! Explore the pulse-pounding world of EXTREME MODERATION!

New, from the makers of Mod for a Day:

Admin for a Day (Market Price)*
For a limited time only, discerning members can enjoy the ultimate in upscale authoritarianism with our deluxe administrative VIP package. For one full day and night, you get free rein to swing the banhammer like a vindictive meth freak with a croquet mallet. Rescind and reinstate board rules on a whim, every ten minutes, just for shits 'n giggles! Transform the visual theme - black text on black background, Comic Sans, Zapf Dingbats - the sky's the limit! Why play God when you can BE God? Get your kicks now, before the whole shithouse goes up in flames!

* Package not available to some members. You know who you are.