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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Of course it is. That isn't lost on anyone. Not sure why you even mentioned it. It's the natural result of getting rid of a clean, green (once it was built) energy source when there wasn't any alternative but some sort of fossil fuel replacement.

No, it won't be the end of the world in this one case. But...10 little, 9 little, 8 little reactors...then there was one. Then there was none. And what will replace them and on what time frame. Why, it will be natural gas. Which is better than coal, but not exactly good....and a bad trade off.
As the largest utility in Vermont shows, that is not really the case.

The company is already making great progress. It announced in December 2018 that its energy supply was already 90% carbon-free and 60% renewable.
Originally Posted by XT View Post
I read the link. It's a projection. That's the part you think I'm missing...I have seen tons of similar claims and projections. If they all come true, then we don't need to worry. Many country's and many states and cities are claiming they will be CO2 emission free in X number of years, or 90% green on a similar time table. If they are, in this case, then you will have a point.
Well, it is easy to be skeptical when one dismisses that the largest energy provider in the state of Vermont that is already 90 percent carbon free is a projection.

Originally Posted by XT View Post
I'm just skeptical they will be across not just one power company (which is what your cite is showing) but across the entire state, and across more than one state.
Again, you declared that a "projection" when it is taking place already, hence the reason why I think your point here is very underwhelming.

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