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For that matter, wolfpup, what do you get out of all of this? Why do you waste so much text trying to put me down? What is your purpose in posting such insults?

While I've said "I'm smart" above, really, the conclusions I reach that anger you so much are simple logical and obvious conclusions any rational agent would reach, given a finite input set of data. Whether they are human or some computer algorithm.

So, sure, percentile wise my brain tissue may be more functional than most people, but really, the evidence speaks for itself. If someone knows that a human brain is a system made of smaller parts, and that when we die it all dissolves into goo, and they know that religion is a bunch of obvious lies, then there is only one valid conclusion any rational agent would reach.

I'm not smart or clever for reaching the same answer hundreds of thousands of other people with the same knowledge have reached.

Same with climate engineering or nanotechnology or self replicating factories or anything else. All very obvious ideas that very obviously will be seen eventually, they are all as certain to happen as nuclear fission was once it was demonstrated to work.

Your personal opinions, and my personal opinions, mean absolutely nothing.

So for those of us in this thread who aren't reaching the right answer, well, what can I say? There's been a process failure. Each of you fails to compute the correct answer for the evidence you've been given, and then has to come on the internet and argue about it.

Why do you do this? I have not the slightest idea. Why do I do this? Because I'm frustrated when I see the mass of humanity around me making frankly stupid decisions and I just want to know why.

“We spend a great deal of time studying history," Hawking told the lecture, "which, let’s face it, is mostly the history of stupidity."

I guess it doesn't matter why. I think I'm done with this thread. It doesn't matter if the answers I've generated are correct or not. They are the obvious answers anyone would generate, given the same facts. The fact that most of you can't see them isn't a failing I can rectify.