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Originally Posted by RioRico View Post
Look at those Bidens! This one, and that one, and those over there! Bad bad Bidens! Look! Look! Investigate! Investigate! (Wave arms, clap hands, yell and fart.) Bidens!

Look over there, not here. Don't look at an administration actively committing treason, as constitutionally defined. And bribes emoluments - what's to see? Oh no, witness tampering and inciting violence against Americans aren't unconstitutional.

Bidens! Bidens! They're everywhere, like cockroaches, or just cocks & roaches. Bidens!

(Previously on this channel: Clintons! Obamas! Yo-mamas! Liberals! Mexicans! Junkies! {Except Rush Limbo, illegal addict.} Clintons again! More and more Clintons! And more!)
Don't threadshit. I suggest you tone down your hyperbole that is present across most of your posts because many of them appear intentionally antagonistic.