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Originally Posted by Railer13 View Post
Oh, bullshit. Remember what you said in post #2707 when you first brought up the delay in delivery of the F-35s to Turkey:

"And less than 10 weeks later that request was approved by the White House. That sounds pretty reasonable for the normal bureaucratic mess that is foreign military sales. For comparison, Turkey joined the F-35 program in 2002. It took them 16 years to get their first jet, and even now, over a year later, we won't let them take it (or any of the other F-35s they ostensibly own) home to Turkey."

(bolding mine)

It's painfully obvious that you were implying that the F-35 delivery delay was analogous to the delay in the Ukrainian deal. It's been established that is certainly not the case. But I'm quite sure you won't admit to intentionally being misleading.
The F-35 topic has become a distraction. I intended to offer up another data point about how messy and bureaucratic foreign military sales can be, but at this point it's become a distraction from the main topic of the thread. I'd suggest we drop that particular example (unless you want to open up a separate thread to discuss it) and focus on my central points, which were:

1) Less than 10 weeks from "we are almost ready to buy more Javelins" to "Trump admin approves new sale of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine" seems pretty reasonable to me.

2) There is no evidence of "the president putting the brakes on a $39 million dollar Javelin purchase".