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Originally Posted by RioRico View Post
A hypothetical Senate majority leader can thus drive the "trial" to any desired goal, at any convenient speed, for any political purpose. Their quandary is how to not obviously hold a mock "trial" that doesn't outrage the voting public enough to endanger the Senate majority's livelihood. Can a hypothetical foreign asset Senate leader do that?

Originally Posted by Taesahnim View Post
There is nothing hypothetical about your question. But you have the situation reversed. Let me ask it the proper way for you.

Suppose further that the Speaker of the House is a person who is utterly without principles or honor.

Is it proper for the Speaker to demand that the Senate operate under the same biased rules that the House did, and to delay forwarding the articles of impeachment to the Senate unless they agree to do so? Wouldn't that be considered an abuse of power, a quid pro quo on a massive scale?

Gee, where have we heard those terms before, I wonder.
Bolding mine.

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