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Bernie got 1839 delegates through voting in 2016. And now the projection is that he'll get 83% of that number running against a crowded field, none of whom are Hillary? I don't find that credible. Four years ago at this point he had 36 delegates, and right now he's only sitting on 21. He's well behind the curve.

I think Bernie will continue to under-perform. Fanatics can only vote once. As seen in Iowa, he's not many voter's second choice. When candidates start dropping, their voters are moving mostly to non-Bernie candidates.

If the field remains crowded, there is a possibility that Bernie ends up with a plurality of delegates, but it won't be by much. In that case, I'm sure he won't get the nomination. If he does get the projected 1528 delegates, then the Democrats would be dumb not to nominate Sanders. It would tear the party apart.