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Did our usual Friday shopping yesterday.


Parking lot nearly full like just before Thanksgiving. All lines open.

The produce section was where we go first. Oh, boy. No bananas. Lots of empty spots. Couldn't get some of our regular items. Mrs. FtG said we were almost out of lettuce, should we get some? My reply: If they have it, buy it.

I mean, I understand potatoes and even onions being cleared out, but who is stocking up on something so short-lived like bananas?

All the store brand milk was gone. Got some pricey stuff and only a half gallon at that. Bread was cleaned out. Ditto most paper products. Cereal was in surprisingly good order. Meat was heavily drained down.

A lot of people blocking aisles while talking on the phone and blankly staring at stuff. Esp. in canned goods. (I've noticed that here before during snow panics.)

Got much less than usual and we had been aiming to add a few extra items.

The Saturday situation is going to be far worse.

I wonder how long this "clear out" mentality will last. You can only hoard so much. Esp. bananas.