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This is my personal list of drugs that I do not recommend generics on -

Lanoxin (narrow therapeutic index, brand usually comparable in price to generic)
Oral Contraceptives (risk-reward doesn't work for me here)

Don't switch back and forth between brand and generic on -

Dilantin / Phenytoin
Coumadin / Warfarin
Tegretol / Carbamazepine
Thyroid meds

Pick one and stay on it. Bouncing back and forth makes it real hard to get your levels straight.

Those exceptions taken care of, I like generics. They're good drugs, they're cheaper to stock and cheaper on the patient.

KSpharm has done a good job explaining the patent extension problem. I'll go ahead and name some more names, though.

Clarinex is the biggest crock. Clarinex is NOT a new drug in any way, shape, or form. Clarinex is what is known as the "active metabolite" of Claritin. The simple way to explain it is --- when you take Claritin, the first thing your body does to it is to change it to Clarinex. Sooo - you've been on Clarinex the whole time as a Claritin patient anyway! Schering is looking forward to billions on this one. For God's sake - take the generic Claritin when it comes out, not the Clarinex.

Are you taking Zocor? Ask your doctor to consider Lovastatin (Generic Mevacor). The drug structures are so so close as to be almost identical. Except that Zocor is still brand.

I used to use an analogy when discussing brand/generic like this-- "You wouldn't pay more for someone to use "brand-name" electricity, would you?" Lately, though, the local utility has been selling "green" power for a few cents more/kWh. They are doing real well with it, too.

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