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Oh, I should look closer:

The 1.234.567,89 is also prevalent in South America, and the space form is given as "Canada / French language", "Canada / English" uses the American form. And the UK / Ireland use the American form.

What the hell, here's the data:

1.234.567,89 Ukraine.Ukrainian, .Ukrainian, Turkey.Turkish, .Turkish, Albania.Albanian, .Albanian, Slovenia.Slovenian, .Slovenian, Yugoslavia.Serbo-Croatian, .Serbo-Croatian, Romania.Romanian, .Romanian, Portugal.Portuguese, Portugal.Portuguese, Brazil.Portuguese, .Portuguese, Netherlands.Dutch, Netherlands.Dutch, Belgium.Dutch, Belgium.Dutch, .Dutch, Macedonia.Macedonian, .Macedonian, Lithuania.Lithuanian, .Lithuanian, Italy.Italian, Italy.Italian, .Italian, Iceland.Icelandic, .Icelandic, Croatia.Croatian, .Croatian, Belgium.French, Belgium.French, Venezuela.Spanish, Uruguay.Spanish, Paraguay.Spanish, Peru.Spanish, Spain.Spanish, Spain.Spanish, Chile.Spanish, Argentina.Spanish, .Spanish, Greece.Greek, Greece.Greek, .Greek, Luxembourg.German, Luxembourg.German, Germany.German, Germany.German, Austria.German, Austria.German, .German, Denmark.Danish, .Danish, Spain.Catalan, Spain.Catalan, .Catalan
1,234,567.89 United States.English, .English, Taiwan.Chinese, Hong Kong.Chinese, China.Chinese, .Chinese, Thailand.Thai, .Thai, South Korea.Korean, .Korean, Japan.Japanese, .Japanese, Israel.Hebrew, .Hebrew, El Salvador.Spanish, Puerto Rico.Spanish, Panama.Spanish, Nicaragua.Spanish, Mexico.Spanish, Honduras.Spanish, Guatemala.Spanish, Ecuador.Spanish, Dominican Republic.Spanish, Costa Rica.Spanish, Colombia.Spanish, Bolivia.Spanish, South Africa.English, New Zealand.English, India.English, Ireland.English, Ireland.English, United Kingdom.English, Canada.English, Australia.English, Yemen.Arabic, Tunisia.Arabic, Syria.Arabic, Sudan.Arabic, Saudi Arabia.Arabic, Qatar.Arabic, Oman.Arabic, Morocco.Arabic, Libya.Arabic, Lebanon.Arabic, Kuwait.Arabic, Jordan.Arabic, Iraq.Arabic, Egypt.Arabic, Algeria.Arabic, Bahrain.Arabic, United Arab Emirates.Arabic, .Arabic
?,???,???.?? India.Hindi
1'234'567.89 Switzerland.Italian, Switzerland.French, Switzerland.German
1 234 567,89 Sweden.Swedish, .Swedish, Yugoslavia.Serbian, .Serbian, Slovakia.Slovak, .Slovak, Russia.Russian, .Russian, Poland.Polish, .Polish, Norway.Norwegian, Norway.Norwegian, .Norwegian, Latvia.Latvian (Lettish), .Latvian (Lettish), Hungary.Hungarian, .Hungarian, Luxembourg.French, Luxembourg.French, France.French, France.French, Canada.French, .French, Finland.Finnish, Finland.Finnish, .Finnish, Estonia.Estonian, .Estonian, Czech Republic.Czech, .Czech, Bulgaria.Bulgarian, .Bulgarian, Belarus.Byelorussian, .Byelorussian

The things like ".Bulgarian" are language specific locales with no country (for purposes of this discussion, I printed them out country first, followed by language. In fact a java locale is a language or a language+country).