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You know, I had a reaction like this recently. I had a sleeping bag that I had lazily left in my bedroom floor. One night, I slowly awoke, sensing some sort of unseen danger. I saw a heap on the carpet and instincts told me I had to terminate this object with extreme prejudice for fear of being gobbled up.

With a shriek I leapt out of my bed and pounced on the sleeping bag, and started pummeling it and wrestling it. The zipper rasped against my neck and I was CERTAIN this was some viscious animal trying to kill me. I was screaming and crashing around in my room, knocking all sorts of stuff over and making a very loud racket.

Suddenly the light comes on. Its my mom, who I woke from all the noise. I'm frozen in place, halfway ripping the fabric of the sleeping bag open with my mouth. There is down everywhere in the room. My mom asks "What the hell are you doing? its 2 AM!" The only words that could come out of my mouth at the time were "The sleeping bag tried to eat me"

Then my mom gave me the same look I swear I saw a hamster give right before it ate 3 of its babies