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Write your Movie-A-Minute Summarization here

Someone else started a thread about summarizing books. Let's do one here for movies, inspired by Movie-A-Minute:

Here's one by me, only I gave it a slash angle:


Directed by Stanley Donen


Ultra-Condensed and Slashed by Jean Akins

Peter Cook

Don't kill yourself. I can give you Margaret Spencer in exchange for your soul.

Dudley Moore

To hell with Margaret Spencer. Where have you been all my life, you tall, gorgeous, dreamy, sexy, adorable love muffin you?


And this one here's not a movie, but an ultra-condensed version I wrote of the Blackadder episode 'Bells':

BLACKADDER: Never catch me falling in love.

KATE DISGUISED AS BOB: Prepare to be amazed!

(She shows him her breasts.)

BLACKADDER: I want to marry you! Kiss me, Kate!

(At the wedding Kate runs off with Edmund's best man Lord Flashheart.)