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Star Wars:

Han Solo: Let the wookie win.

The Death Star starts destroying planets.

Everyone: I have a bad feeling about this!

Darth Vader: Man, I'm such a jerk! Good thing I'm so cool!

Luke Skywalker: What a jer! Glad I'm not related to him.

To Be Continued.

Silence of the lambs.

Hannibal: Hello, Clarice...

Clarice: Dr. Lecter, I'm worried that the killer is going to strike again, and I think we can save his current victim if we stop playing silly games...

Hannibal: Later, Clarice. First psychoanalyze yourself. Better yet, lets play jacks. Or finish the word-find in the back of my Highlights magazine.

Clarice: Couldn't we find the girl first?

Hannibal: You already know the location of the girl. Think. Now excuse me, I have a daring prison escape to plan for.