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Alien: Resurection

Ripley: Ugh. Argh. I'm a confused mutant. Arg.
Call: I'm so annoying and whiney. Whine whine whine.
Space Pirates: Shut up. Arg
Aliens: Grr, arg.
Scientists. Hahahaha. We know this always goes wrong, yet we do it anyway. Why?
Ripley: Ugh. You're all idiots. Grunt.

Aliens escape. Chaos ensures. Many die, but not Ripley, Call or assorted grunting Space Pirates.
Call: I'm an android. Whine whine whine
Everyone else: Well duh. Now shut up

More chaos.

Ripley: Shit. I just killed my alien-baby. Angst (expressed by grunting)
Call: Everyone else is dead. Oh look, earth.
Ripley: ugh. Hope we got 'em all.

Independance Day

Space Geeks: Shit, an alien ship. From the moon? This is strange...
Jeff Goldblum: I'm a depressed semialcoholic divorcee. P.S. I'm really smart and, for some reason, work in cable repair. Also I like the enviroment.
Will Smith: I wish I could go to space. I guess I have to remain a jet fighter person.
Will Smith's Wife, Kid & Dog. We're cute. We're what he's fighting for.
Dog: Woof. Against all probability, I will survive everything an alien attack can throw.
President: I'm so dashing and rebelious. Go america.

Aliens attack. chaos ensues. Some people die, but they're not very important.

Entire world: We're so screwed

Jeff Goldbum: I know how to save the day!
Everyone else: Hurrah.

President: Go america! Go mankind!
Assorted fighters of all diferent ethnicities: Go america!

America saves the day.

Rest of World: Thanks America!!