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Scientist 1: Oh no an asteroid the size of Texas is going to destroy the earth with the power of 10,000 nukular bombs!!

Scientist 2: We better send a team of astronauts to the asteroid and blow it up.

Scientist 1: Hey I have a better idea, how about we send a bunch of inept oil drillers instead

Scientist: Ok. Let's easily point Hubble towards the asteroid and look at it some more.

Drilling Team: Ok we are in space.

*everything that can possibly go wrong goes wrong*

Bruce Willis: Oh no, I have to kill myself to blow up this asteroid the size of Kansas.

*conveniently, one nuclear bomb embedded less than 1/10th of the way through the asteroid manages to split it in half and both halfs conveniently miss Earth and the ship flying away from it*

Earth: Hooray for ignoring physics!!!