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Pulp Fiction-

Jules- Vincent, what's in the briefcase?

Vincent- Uh, We likes it.

Everyone- What is it?

Internet Geeks- Umm... The soul? The explanation for this makes no sense, and would use up most of the minute.

Jules- I shot Marvin.

The Wolf- I'll take care of that.

Jules- Don't do sh** unless.

Cpt. Koonz- I wore that watch up my ass for 2 years.

Butch- I'll find it. Oops, I forgot that I screwed over that big-time mafioso.

Marcellus- Jules just quit. I guess I'll TCB myself, even though I'm a big-time mafioso.

Butch- MMM.... Pop Tarts. Oops, gotta shoot Vincent. Hey, it's Marcellus! Time to hit him with the world's smallest car.

Hillbilly- Spider caught a couple of flies.

Zed- and you are not it...

Gimp- MMM_MMM-MMM!!!

Butch- looks like I saved your life, Marcellus.

Marcellus- bygones are bygones, man.

Pumpkin- Everybody be cool. This is the robbery!

Honeybunny- I'll kill every last one of ya!

Jules- Be like fonzie! This isn't even close to Ezekiel 25:15! But I'm tryin', Ringo, tryin' real hard!

Vincent- Am I alive? Movie must be out of order...