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ADAM and BARBARA: We're dead, but we don't want anybody to live in our house 'cause we worked hard on it.

CHARLES DEITZ: What a great house! I think I will live here with my yuppie wife and goth daughter!

DELIA: I hate this country crap. Otho and I will destroy what the last owners did and make it into our creation.

LYDIA: Angst. I hate it here, I hate it there, I hate it everywhere. I can see you two ghosts because nobody understands me.

ADAM and BARABARA: Except for the daughter, who can see us 'cause she's so weird, we want them out! Let's call that weird Bio-Exorcist guy even though our case worker warned us not to.

BETELGUESE: I can get those people out on one condition: you get me to your side.

ADAM and BARBARA: No. You're a pervert and will go after Lydia. We'll get them out ourselves.

(They fail)

YUPPIES: What a great night for a seance. Oops, we've brought Adam and Barbara back from the dead!

LYDIA: Help them!



(ADAM and BARBARA stop BETELGUESE from marrying LYDIA)

ADAM and BARBARA: We're better now. We see that the DIETZ's are not such a bad family after all, now that they can see us. You can live in our house because we have no other choice. We're all out of ideas.

(They live happily ever after and Lydia treats the ghosts as her surrogate parents)