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Meet Joe Black


Daddy's girl: female actress
Unbelievably successful and influential, but dying, Daddy: cool English actor
Joe Black, aka Death: world's sexiest man


Daddy's girl, already engaged, meets hick with great personality. Daddy's girl gets smitten.

Hick gets killed. Death inhabits his body to get a taste of life. Death lacks personality.

Death decides he wants to have a taste of Daddy's life before bringing him in, and so "once again" presents himself to Daddy's girl.

Daddy's girl: "Hmm, he doesn't seem to have an interest in me, and he has absolutely no personality. Still hot though. I think I'm in love."

Death: "Mm-hm."

Daddy: seems mostly preoccupied and a little edgy

Not much happens.

Seduction begins. And she scores!

Time runs out for Daddy - will Daddy's girl be left alone?

No need to worry, this is a Hollywood production.

Death leaves the object of desire behind. Everybody's happy.