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Reign of Fire

Kid: Hey, a dragon!

(dragons rush out and destroy civilization)

Kid, now a brooding Christian Bale: I feel guilty because although I had nothing to do with the dragons, I was there. I wanna kill the dragons.

Matthew McConaughey (and his platoon of redshirts): You wanna kill some dragons?

Bale: You can't kill the dragons.

(McConaughey kills a dragon)

McConaughey: Now you wanna kill some dragons?

Bale: You're crazy enough to go up against the dragons. I want nothing to do with you.

McConaughey: Ok, bye.

(McConaughey's redshirt platoon gets destroyed by a dragon)

McConaughey: I feel guilty because I had everything to do with the dragon in that situation, and I was there.

Bale: Wanna kill the dragons?

(McConaughey, Bale, and Female Dark-Orange-shirt kill a big dragon)

All: Huzzah!

(The rest of the world continues to fall into ruin)