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Originally posted by emacknight
Susanann, you need to review the process involved for an execution. Your War on Abortion that will arrest "the woman, the doctor, the nurses, the receptionist, the taxi driver..." is going to FLOOD the court system the way the the War on Drugs has.

Execution costs more and requires more time than a simple life sentence. But this isn't for debate here, I just want to point out that you calling Blalron's law ineffective made me laugh.

Blalron, are you planning anything in your law to prevent future abortions? Drunk drivers lose their licence. I would hope a murderer wouldn't be allowed to own a gun. Should an ex-con-abortionist be allowed to get pregnant?
Executions only take a lot of time and resources today, because there are so few of them today.

In the old days, executions were carried out fairly quickly, cheaply, and took very little resources.

After we execute the first 10 or 20 thousand women and doctors, the executions will go quite smoothly and quickly.

I dont know if the number of abortions will decrease(except in the cases of repeat offendors- there wont be any), that is speculation, but if fewer women have abortions because of the death penalty, if more women choose to use birth control, then all the better.

The war on drugs takes a lot of time and resources because we dont execute offendors. You cant compare apples and oranges. Not the same thing.