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Sublight Is there any way of checking if that is precisely what was said in the Republic or if that is a modern translator's interpretation of what was said. I ask because translators will often insert modern expressions for older ones that would be meaningless to present day readers.

FWIW, this is also called a false dilemna. Groucho Marx used this so regularly that it was parodied in a Bugs Bunny cartoon:
BUGS (AS GROUCHO): Welcome, welcome to You Beat Your Wife. Say the magic word and win $1,000. What's your name, sir, and what do you do?

ELMER: Elmer Fudd. I'm a hunter. I'm hunting a wabbit. A cwazy fwesh wabbit.

BUGS: Well, Mr. Fudd, for $1,000, would you stop beating your wife?

ELMER: Well, yes. . . I, I mean no! I mean, well, that is I never. . .

BUGS: Well, while you're making up your mind, I'm going to go slip out of these wet clothes, and into a dry martini, eh?