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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers
Your response shows you invest too much meaning in a single misused word. On reflection, I shouldn't have said "behaviour" but some more generic word encompassing orientation, personality, beliefs, etc. In any case, whether the guy is gay or not is irrelevant. I support his right to define and change himself any way he wishes far more than any alleged responsibility to any group. If he's says he gay and can change, more power to him. If he said he's Republican and can change, more power to him. If he said he's a left-handed daisy-collector and can change, then fuck all the gay Republical left-handed daisy collectors who say he can't. Fuck 'em all sideways with corkscrews. I'm for self-determination.
And I agree with that sentiment. But that sentiment has absolutely nothing to do with that webpage. That page isn't about self-determination. It's about condemnation, blame, projection, and self-pity.

The dude doesn't say, "I'm promiscuous and have a series of unsafe and empty sexual encounters that leave me deeply spiritually unsatisfied. I want to change that." He says, "Homosexuals are promiscuous and have unsafe and empty sexual encounters, leaving them deeply spirtually unsatisfied. I am a homosexual. Therefore, I want to overcome my homosexuality."

If he's a slut and he's not happy about it, go for it and change it, I say. If he's a homosexual and he's not happy about it, then try to change that too. From my experience, I'm highly skeptical he'll have any measure of success at all, but hey, that's not my business.

But when he refuses to take any responsibility for his own behavior, but instead goes and tells the world that it's all because of a single personal trait -- a trait that I happen to share, and which is the only thing I share with this asshole -- that's sure as hell my business. I'm going to protest that, and I'm going to protest anyone who "cheers him on." That's not my being defensive, and that's not my investing too much meaning in a word.

Your point, in brief, as I understand it: the gay "community" has no more right to tell this guy he shouldn't deny his homosexuality, than the "religious right" has to tell him his homosexuality is wrong and must be changed or supressed. That, I can agree with. But that's not what was said.