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Ask the ex phone sex operator

In this thread, I mentioned my years as a phone sex operator (post 87) because I thought it somewhat relevant to the discussion. In post 94, jsgoddess requested that I host a thread on the subject, so here it is.

I worked as a phone sex operator from roughly '94-'97. The most commonly asked question is: what's a nice girl like you doing in a profession like that? The two answers, that actually go hand-in-hand are: the money was better than anything else I was qualified to do (or at least anything else that was legal), and, hey, as far as I was concerned, it was an acting job. Anyone who had actually seen me playing solitaire on my computer, sipping coffee and wearing a cotton nightshirt with little duckies all over it when I worked would never have doubted that. My FIL always held the opinion that what I was doing was actually more legitimate than the psychic hotlines, 'cuz at least with me, the customer was actually getting something for their money.

Note to mods: the company I worked for shouldn't be named, I think; but they were a perfectly legitimate company, in compliance with all Federal laws, taking taxes out of our paychecks, etc.

So, any questions? Shoot (heh).