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Originally Posted by tim314
Were you working off a script, improvising within some specific guidelines, just totally making it up as you went along? How much training was there, if any? How much variety was there in the kinds of callers you got? Ever have a call that didn't go at all the way you expected?
There was no script, it was all improv. We did have some general idea, though, because the call always went to an operator first, who found out what kind of woman the guy was looking for, and if he was interested in anything specific; then the operator would call me and say something like "I have a guy who wants a blonde with big tits; he likes it rough" or whatever. Then, when she patched the guy through, I already had an idea of what he was looking for. The rest, I was pretty good at drawing out.

There was a pretty good variety. Probably about 75% of my calls were what I abbreviated on my notes as S&F. The S stood for suck, and the F stood for a rhyming word we're not supposed to use outside of the pit. Just standard stuff, with a sexy girl, albeit over the phone. But the other 25%, wow. I had guys who would call with their girlfriends; I'd have women who may have been gay, or may have just been investigating aspects of sexuality; I had guys who were into animals, bodily functions, married women who cheat on their husbands, whatever. Yup. Lots of variety.

A call that didn't go the way I expected? Well, probably the closest would be that, a couple of times, the guy didn't so much want to talk about sex as he just wanted to talk. I was pretty good at that, too.