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Originally Posted by norinew
the F stood for a rhyming word we're not supposed to use outside of the pit.
Not true.

Originally Posted by C K Dexter Haven
Other forums prohibit direct personal insults against other members, some stricter than others, but that's the broad insult, regardless of vulgarity.

In most forums, a tiny bit of vulgarity is often useful to emphasize a point or stress something, but most long-time posters figure out that vulgarity generally detracts from their debating position, or from their response, or whatever. We've thus sometimes clamped down on excessive vulgarity -- admittedly, a somewhat subjective perspective, but the cases have been pretty obvious. I mean, when "fuck" or some derivation thereof is used three times in every sentence, one draws the line.

However, we've never put any restrictions on language usage, so far as I recall.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. See?

My questions. Did you have set hours? A separate phone line? Did you ever get into it, like, you know, get into it? Give an example of a 'wtf?' comment or request from a customer. Ever get pissed off?