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Originally Posted by catsix
Without going into too much detail that would obviously be unacceptable on the 'Dope and/or legally, what kinds of things would be against federal law?
Wow. I've obviously made it sound like a much bigger deal than it is. The number one Fed law concerned child pornography. I could not, at any time, portray someone who was under 18 years of age; I couldn't talk about a time when I was under 18 and had sex (if a customer asked when I lost my virginity, the answer had to be 18 or over). Obviously, if a customer requested someone underage from the operator, they were told that we couldn't do that; but sometimes I'd be talking to them already when they'd mention it. I would try to steer them away from that, to something permissible, and if that failed, I was to hang up on them. I also was not required (by the company) to participate in rape or forced sex fantasies. Although that was up to me.