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Originally Posted by trublmaker
Did you ever actually get into it, or did you always fake your enthusiasm?
Like just about everyone with a normal, healthy sexual appetites, there are certain things that turn me on, and I did have some regular customers that I developed a good rapport with. About 98% of the time, I faked it, but the other 2%, I sometimes thought, damn, I should be paying him.

Originally Posted by cluricaun
Please, the first question here should be....What are you wearing?
Well, the coy answer would be "whatever the client wanted me to be wearing" . The truthful answer would be: cotton nightgown or sleep shirt in the summer, sweats in the winter (my office was in the basement, and it got chilly down there).

Originally Posted by Bruce_Daddy
My questions. Did you have set hours? A separate phone line? Did you ever get into it, like, you know, get into it? Give an example of a 'wtf?' comment or request from a customer. Ever get pissed off?
Yep, a regular shift (mine was 9PM to 5AM, timed for the kids being in bed; hubby worked an evening shift, 3PM to 11PM, so was home shortly after my shift began). Because of my hours, no separate phone line was needed. But I did disable the call waiting while I was working.

A WTF moment: well, I had one regular who had lots of WTF moments. He was deluded that someone from a secret organization was messing with him, and would interrupt our calls to give "messages" to the "operatives". He also claimed to own an island.

Ever get pissed off? Not too much. Like I said, it was an acting job; if I put myself in the role of the part I was playing, there wasn't much to get pissed off about.

Oh, and thanks for clearing that fuckin' thing up for me .