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Originally Posted by ShibbOleth
Does your hubby ever ask you to do stuff along these lines? If so, what's your response?
My husband thinks I am entirely sexy (thank Og), but never much saw the point in phone sex; he does work out of town a lot, and if he wanted it, I'd do it. But I'm afraid that he'd be flashing back to all the times he saw me talking to other guys and giving myself a manicure or something, and wonder where my hands really were when I was talking dirty to him .

Also, what did you think of the fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally?
I thought she was very good. FWIW, my phone sex days are the only times I personally have ever faked it.

Originally Posted by Munch
How did the phone system work? You mentioned an operator, but you also mention using your home phone without any frills like call-waiting. Would you check in with the operator to let them know you were able to take another call, or did they come in randomly?

Ever have a guest to your house when a call came in?
Okay, here's how the system worked: at the start of my shift, I'd call in and let the operators know I was ready. They'd clock me in. When a call came, they'd patch it through to me; when the call was over (even if it took the full time the guy had bought), I'd call the office and let them know I was free again; break times worked the same way. Also, if I needed to go to the bathroom or something. When my shift was over, I'd call to clock out.

As for visitors, because of the hours I worked, not too much. Sometimes my neice would come by (she was an adult, don't worry) to keep me company between calls. In fact, I often had a really hard time keeping a straight face when she was there, because I'd be on a call, and she'd be sitting on the sofa cracking up (quietly).