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Originally Posted by ShibbOleth
You talked about salary. Did you receive any kind of benefits?
The only benefit we got was our birthday off with pay; hubby's job had health insurance.

Originally Posted by Jacknifed Juggernaut
You still talk to former clients?
Only one; once I left my compny, I wrangled to keep one specific client. I talk to him several times a year (sometimes as many as ten times a year). He calls my home, and sends me cash ($100.00 an hour). Sometimes, between calls, he calls just to see how I am. Once when he called to talk to me, hubby told him I was in the hospital, and he called me in the hospital from freakin' Spain and talked to me for 40 minutes. I've no idea how much a long-distance 40 minute call from Spain costs! I've known him for over 10 years.