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Originally Posted by ShibbOleth
How did they keep you from taking your best clients and going independent?
We signed a contract saying we wouldn't. But when I told the client in question I was leaving (let's call him Gary), he told me he wouldn't talk to anyone else. I told him there was nothing I could do about that; I did however, offer to send him a photograph (not really of me, of course), and when I sent him the photo, I sent him a number I could be reached at, too. I'm sure the company would have been very angry, and I'm not trying to justify my actions, but I really was going to be leaving anyway, and the fact that he was willing to pay me $100.00 an hour vs. paying them $85.00 and hour (price breaks for larger chunks of time) says something. He also calls me by my real name now, and I've seen him on TV.