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Originally Posted by jsgoddess
norinew, thank you for starting this thread. I find people's stories of how they got involved in sexually-related professions so interesting.

A couple of questions more: Are you fairly outspoken sexually in your day-to-day life, or do you tend to me more demure?
I'm very outspoken, and quite adventurous. My husband never has to guess if he's doing something right or wrong with me, cuz I'll just tell him.

What did your husband think of your initial foray into the biz?
He knew it for what it was, and was totally cool with it.

I don't know anything about the Baha'i faith, so this is a question from total ignorance. Is your faith okay with this sort of employment?
Well, again, looking at it from a viewpoint of being an actress, I personally don't see a problem with it. IMHO, God made us sexual creatures. I don't have a moral dilemma with it. Now that's not to say that every Baha'i you asked would agree; this particular situation is not addressed in our Holy Book.

Originally Posted by Cisco
Does he know that the picture was a fake? Has he seen a real picture of you? Does he know you're married? Has he ever talked about meeting in person? What does your husband think about your "relationship" with him?
Yeah, he knows the pics were a model; I've never sent him real pics of myself, but he does a lot of high security kind of work, and knows lots of folks. My guess is that if he really wanted to find out what I look like, he would. He's never talked about a real meeting in person (for now) because he knows I'm totally devoted to my husband and would never cheat on him (not only does he know I'm married, but recognizes my husband's voice and both of my older daughter's voices on the phone, and is very cordial to them). He has said, however, that if anything ever happens to my husband, he hopes I would consider him an option. Hey, the dude has a 9,000 sq. ft. house in Tampa and a yacht; a girl could do worse . He's not bad looking, either.
MY husband is cool with the relationship because, for one thing, it pays well; for another thing, he trusts me 100%.

Originally Posted by Seeker74
My questions: Did you ever get hung up on what to say? Did you run out of ideas, especially in the beginning? I know I would.
Yeah, it's one of the reasons I wasn't so good at first. That's why I started reading porno mags. In fact, I'd make notes of really good stuff sometimes.

Did you have a battery-operated "toy" handy in case your clients wanted make sure you weren't just playing solitaire or what have you? You know like, "Let me hear your vibrator..."

Originally Posted by NurseCarmen
Did you ever get any phone calls that ended quickly? i.e. five minute Phils or two minute Tonys?
Very few of the guys who called lasted the entire call; most of the time when the guy took the whole block of time, it was because it was someone I'd developed a rapport with, and we'd chat. Some of them were really extreme, though, like, under two minutes.

Originally Posted by malkavia
I always wondered how you began a call like this. It seems so awkward, like..

*ring* "Hi Tony, do you want to fuck me?" or do you start out with more of a general, "Hi there, how're YOU doing?" type greeting?
Well, generally I'd ask them their name, where they were from, etc. and then put the ball in their court by saying "Do you have any questions for me?" If their first question was "how big are your tits?" I knew they wanted to get right down to business. If it was something like "So, are you a student?" I knew they wanted to chat first.