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Thanks for a very interesting thread. I've never understood the phone-sex thing (I had one girlfriend who used to want to do it, so I played along while doing other things; I can't understand wanting to pay for it), but y'know, whatever turns people's cranks, it's their business.

You say you got an indication of what the guy (or whoever) wanted to do from your dispatch operator when the call was transferred. Any miscommunications? Y'know, where you say, "Okay, I'm peeing on you now," and the guy says, "Wait, what? I don't want that!" and you say, "Oh, um, okay, never mind. Let me tell you about my tits again," or whatever.
Originally Posted by norinew
Very few of the guys who called lasted the entire call
Were you actually listening to them finish? Would they stay on the line while they climaxed? Or was it a matter of getting them all worked up and then they'd say, "Okay thanks bye" so they could orgasm alone? I know there's probably a range; which was more common?
Originally Posted by norinew
The number one Fed law concerned child pornography. I could not, at any time, portray someone who was under 18 years of age
I don't expect you to have an answer for this, but I wonder if the recent Supreme Court decisions about "virtual" child porn, where no actual child is involved, being protected by free speech might have caused this to change.