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Originally Posted by niblet_head
So, did you have a regular assigned shift, or did you just have to be available for calls a certain number of hours per week?

Where was the company located?
Regular shift; 9PM to 5AM, five days a week; I wasn't on calls the whole eight hours, but I was available the whole eight hours ('cept for breaks) and got paid for the whole eight hours.

The office was located just north of Baltimore.

Originally Posted by beltbuckle
Did your employer ever monitor your calls? I would assume they would have some random monitoring so you never knew when you would be monitored?
Calls were randomly monitored, for training (we did training calls with a trainer afterwards, where the trainer would give us advice on how to improve our performance) and to make sure we weren't breaking rules. And right, you never knew you were monitored until after the fact.