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This *is* incredibly interesting. I'd met one person, very briefly, who did this in her spare time and I couldn't have ever imagined asking these type of things. So, thank you for dispelling some of my ignorance.

My question is (and please forgive me if this sounds silly or presumptious)....

But did any of it ever feel degrading or was the idea of 'acting' overriding any distasteful thoughts? I'm assuming, along with the rape fantasies, it would be up to your discrestion on what kinds of conversations to follow through. Along that thinking, was there ever desires to discuss necrophilia from your clients? Or other activities that would be illegal? Like climaxing during a murder or something.

And no, I promise my daydreams are a LOT more vanilla. With a bit of praline thrown in, of course. However, attitudes like the above would scare the crap out of me and make me hesitate to even try it, let alone continue if I encountered such. The flip side is though, I suppose if they were *just* talking about it, it perhaps could prevent the need for any action. I'd hope. What do you think?

~Thanks again!