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Originally Posted by Hail Ants
Marge is a more boring version of Lisa. She is the voice of reason. She's inherently unfunny and when they try and make her Homer-ish, 'crazy scheme' funny it just comes off as creepy.
I think you misunderstand Marge. She is the embodiment of the Creepy Housewife.

Deep denial, emotional suppression-- Marge is in many ways possessed of a much more profoundly pathological personality than Homer. Homer is stupid and immature, but in most regards he's pretty well-adjusted.

Marge isn't "the voice of reason" -- she's internalized a lot of ideas about idealized wives and mothers to the exclusion of all else, and it's turned her into a bundle of nerves. She often displays overt pyschosis, and her family is so used to it that they don't even blink.

Marge is a great character. Yes, she's often creepy. How could she possibly be "more boring" than Lisa? Lisa is a nearly-perfect kid with the usual juvenile anxiety. Marge is always a hairsbreadth away from snapping.

Incubus -- no domestic abuse references -- just "Irish strength" soothing. It was the chorus of Tooraloora, from the Bing Crosby picture Going My Way.
Over in Killarney
Many years ago,
Me Mither sang a song to me
In tones so sweet and low.
Just a simple little ditty,
In her good old Irish way,
And l'd give the world if she could sing
That song to me this day.

Tooraloora looral, Tooraloora li,
Tooraloora looral, hush now, don't you cry!
Tooraloora looral, Tooraloora li,
Tooraloora looral, that's an Irish lullaby.
Appropriate sentimentality for a woman who's anxious about a perceived transfer of her daughter's affections.