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It is impossible to disprove a negative, so I can't prove my assersion: this particular tune does not have an origin in any particular song. It is less a tune than a sound effect imitating so-called Oriental music forms by using parallel fifths.
Tunes containing parallel fifths and containing mostly sequential quarter notes and eighth notes will often fool the untrained Western ear into thinking they are the same.

I've already heard several people on this thread talk about 3 or 4 distinctly different instances of this form as though they were the same tune. The one that most people seem to agree on, which has also been displayed here in notation, is the sample from the funk tune "Kung Fu Fighting." David Bowie's uses a version of it in "China Girl" that is distinctly different although not dramatically so.

If I'm right, this thread will never identify any origin of this exact tune snippet, but will eventually agree upon the first Western movie or song to make use of a very similar tune.