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I'd love for Cecil to get involved on this one. I don't have access to all the music I cited, otherwise I'd listen to them all.

Here is what I think you'll find - there will be no instance of the precise tune you're talking about before 1974, in Carl Douglas's Kung Fu Fighting. It will turn out to be an adaptation by Douglas et. al. of various pentatonic motifs heard in "oriental" films seen prior to that time. Those in turn will have inherited from forms occurring musicals, operas, and films dating from the first Western portrayals of Far East Orientalism in 1896.

Seen in that light, it will actually turn out to be the most famous in a succession of very similar motifs that have occurred in the past hundred years or so.

That's all I have to say until something more authoritative appears! To prove this assertion wrong, the next step is to find that specific tune occurring before "Kung Fu Fighting." Challenge! (said with French pronounciation).