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I'm surprised its been so difficult to agree on the piece he's asking about. I recognized it immediately. Here's a link to The Vapors CD on Amazon. Play track one (Turning Japanese), the snippet occurs between about 0:11 and 0:14 in the track.

It's probably considered offensive (i.e. politically incorrect) today. Maybe to Asian people what that stereotypical drumbeat, DUM dum dum dum DUM dum dum dum, is to Native Americans. In fact I seem to remember a thread which stated that that indian drumbeat was indeed an invention of Hollywood westerns.

Anyway, this piece of oriental sounding music (usually played on a xylophone) also used to be heard in cartoons, like when a character would be hit on the head with a trash can lid, grow a Fu-Manchu mustache, buckteeth and start spouting, "Chin-chow-chung" etc.