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Originally Posted by blowero
I'm fairly certain that's incorrect, because I recall hearing that song for the first time, and thinking, "Ha, ha - they put that little Chinese song in there as a joke". That tune is a sort of musical joke; it's a stereotype of what Westerners think Oriental music sounds like. We used to sing it as kids. I remember it, in the exact same form, as far back as my memory goes.
And I can remember hearing other subtly different variations of it in old films and television shows. If you were correct, I'd think someone would have turned something up by now (and I've tried as hard as anyone). Personally I think your memory may be playing tricks on you if you think you remember this exact tune, unaltered from the form we're discussing here. It's no slight on your memory, because there are so many subtle variations out there in music and film that sound nearly the same.

At any rate, my WAG from memory is no better than anyone else's, and none of us can seem to dig up the tune, so I guess we are not able to arrive at a conclusion.