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Originally Posted by NattoGuy
And I can remember hearing other subtly different variations of it in old films and television shows.
No, what you heard was a different tune. Just because you've heard other pentatonic-sounding riffs in your life doesn't mean they're variations on this one. The one we're talking about here is always a note iterated 4 times followed by a note a whole step lower iterated twice, followed by a note a minor third lower, iterated twice, and then back up a minor third, iterated once. And I have a pretty good memory for those things. Besides, you could call any of my brothers, say, "Sing the oriental riff from when you were a kid", and I guarantee they'd all sing the exact same riff.

Or perhaps you have heard variations of it, but that doesn't mean it didn't exist in the form we're talking about, before "Kung Foo Fighting".
If you were correct, I'd think someone would have turned something up by now
Why do you say that? You think it doesn't exist because a bunch of dudes on a message board can't find it's exact origin? I disagree.
Personally I think your memory may be playing tricks on you if you think you remember this exact tune, unaltered from the form we're discussing here. It's no slight on your memory, because there are so many subtle variations out there in music and film that sound nearly the same.
Squeegee remembers it too - before "Kung Foo Fighting". I'm gonna have to disagree with you here. Nothing personal, but I'm reasonably certain that, as squeegee said, it was a reference to an already-existing riff.