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Originally Posted by blowero
Or perhaps you have heard variations of it, but that doesn't mean it didn't exist in the form we're talking about, before "Kung Foo Fighting".
Either I've misstated my position, or you've misunderstood it.

First, I do remember hearing, both in recent and distant memory, different variations on the tune in which only the first beat (the "da da da da" in this thread's parlance) was varied, with the rest of it remaining the same. Close variants exist. I think that, prior to "Kung Fu Fighting" in 1974, the tune in question probably existed. But it probably coexisted with dozens of such variants. It was just one of many in the "big barrel of 99-cent stock oriental riffs." None were famous enough to merit any named mention.

All versions were fairly forgettable; the reason you and your brothers instinctively respond with this specific variant is that it's been popularized recently in a couple of well-known songs. You re-remember that this popularized version was the one that appeared throughout your childhood. It's like the people who say they remember seeing the Kennedy assassination on TV when it happened in 1963. They're remembering footage that was in fact released almost a decade later. It may sound presumptive of me to say that, but you're the one who said unequivocally that there weren't any variants of this fairly generic tune. Doesn't that sound really unlikely after thinking about it again?

I prefer things to have answers rather than not have answers, but I really don't think we'll find an original source on this.

Why do you say that? You think it doesn't exist because a bunch of dudes on a message board can't find it's exact origin? I disagree.
Well, I think we're a fairly smart bunch of dudes, and we've wrung the marrow out of the question fairly well. Either you'll agree or you won't.

Since we all know which tune is in question and it's basically one person's memory against another, there's no sense in me posting in this one anymore. I just leave you with the fact that if you're to disprove my theory, you'll have to find an instance of the tune before 1974. Having taken the negative side, I on the other hand am in the convenient position of being able to invoke "it is impossible to prove a negative."

So I'll be watching the thread with interest.