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It's - initially at least, although a significant change will occur later in the narrative - a castration metaphor: by being deprived of his gun, Woody has obviously been symbolically unmanned, and the fact that he only has an empty holster {a repository for a phallic weapon} only reinforces the filmmakers' point that Woody {note the clever counterpoint between his name and his evident lack of conventionally heterosexual masculine prowess: he evidently feels obliged to compensate at least nominally} clearly feels overshadowed by Andy, his erstwhile "father", in a classical Oedipal rivalry for Little Bo Peep.

Witness his inability to transact any kind of mature relationship with Peep; when the more obviously "manly" Buzz arrives, apparently secure in his masculine heterosexuality with his constantly brandished laser, Peep transfers her allegiances to him {"Looks like I've found my moving {underlining mine} partner."}. Woody's subsequent conflict with Buzz, culminating in Buzz's symbolic death with his fall from the window, is a clear transference of this Oedipal rivalry: through enacting this Woody apparently regains his sexuality, as is underlined when he places the {almost too obviously} phallic match in his holster when he rescues Buzz from the rocket.

Yet this point in the narrative marks a curious shift, as both protagonists' sexual allegiances begin to markedly alter: Buzz's laser may not work, to his dismay {a reference to his previously assumed heterosexuality}, but his rocket, ignited by Woody's match, indicates a powerful switch in both their sexualities. Witness their flying scene {a clear sexual metaphor} together, in which Buzz both literally and figuratively grasps Woody by the waist and takes him from behind. This marks the conclusion of the narrative, with all illusory Oedipal conflicts resolved and both comfortable in their new-found homosexuality, as is evidenced in the closing scenes where they are depicted lounging happily on the bed together, secure in their sexual identities.
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