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My husband's ball scratching is driving me nuts.

Of course he only does it while he's home. But as soon as he gets home, he puts on his "comfy pants", which have a stretch waist band and lots of room, so he can shove both arms down there. It annoys me the most when we're having a conversation.
He'll be telling me about his day, and I'll try to pay attention over the Scritch Scritch Scritch.

He thinks I'm being ridiculous when I ask him to stop while I'm watching t.v. Or to wash his hands before putting the dishes up, "it's my balls not my butt".

I know most guys scratch. But I honestly don't remember EVER seeing my dad do it, or hearing my mom complain about my dad doing it. And none of my former BFs have walked around the house with both hands shoved down there.