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There was once a chain of drug stores/discount stores called Phar-Morr that I loved because in addition to renting movies for $.69 each (who cares if they're good?) they sold books for a fraction of the cover cost. Usually it was a recent bestseller or the type of book you'd see in a remainder bin at a chain store, but sometimes they had "the hell?" titles, a couple of which I bought just for my bookshelf. One was a children's book about Woodstock (luckily not scratch and sniff- "stick the little Mickey Mouse tab on your tongue, then look at the paisley picture") and the other was my favorite (actually had it, I bought several copies to give as gifts): An Illustrated Guide to Chinchilla Diseases.

Buying too many copies of Chinchilla disease books bankrupted the company. Well, that and executives embezzling a half billion dollars from the company, in some order.