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The Man Who Folded Himself is a time-travel yarn with a weird wrinkle. Our hero is presented with a time machine built into a belt by a strangely familiar old man. Along the way, he finds out that every time he travels, he leaves himself in a separate reality stream. He starts to run into himself all over the place. Somehow, one of him becomes female, and he mates with her. He happens on to a place where he dies, over and over again, witnessed by several of him, and her. He figures out that the old man who gave him the belt was him. Very strange.

Naked Lunch by Wm. S. Burroughs is a painfully strange book. It may be the only book in the world where the movie was better, and much, much stranger.

Topsy Dingo Wild Dog is a very strange book. It starts out odd, and gets really weird. It's very funny. It's brutal, too, but more funny.
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