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Originally Posted by Guinastasia
[i]Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book[/b] by Terry Jones (illustrated by Brian Froud). Gorgeous, but wacky portraits of fairies "pressed" into an album by a made woman. Hilarious. I wish I had bought it (I first saw it along with "Dance with Your Cat" at a Dopefest).
"MADE" woman??? Are you drunk again?

You should wish you had bought it. First editions are selling for quite a profit nowadays. I have one, if you want to negotiate...not that I'll sell, mind you. But you can negotiate, if you like.

The idea (for those who haven't run across this tome) is that a young girl was seeing fairies, but no one would believe her. So, in the tradition of pressing flowers, she would capture the fairies she saw by squishing them between the covers of her book, thus preserving them for posterity.

As a result, it is full of...well, basically...squashed fairies. Including their juices. Interspersed with Miss Cottington's (a riff on the Cottingly Fairies, mind you) diary entries as she grows up. Quite a lovely book, really; and as Guin notes, quite hilarious.

Terry Jones of "Monty Python" fame, and Brian Froud of "Dark Crystal" fame...amongst others for both of them.